In this new book,

            You'll discover the truth

                               in clear and lucid prose.

11 Reasons to Thank President Trump is set to clarify one of the most controversial topics in today’s age. Despite the media’s constant stream of negativity, J. Michael Jocelyn has gone on a personal mission to discover the truth and bring it to light for the world to see. 

In 11 Reasons to Thank President Trump, Jocelyn shares this gift with you.
These Reasons Include:

  • Speaking Boldly About China’s Thievery
  • Convincing Us That We’re Americans First
  • Revealing the Two Faces of Hate
  • Proving that Racism is an Economic Issue​

In this book, readers can expect to receive an unbiased account from a Haitian-American immigrant who has forged his own American dream. Jocelyn explores every angle of the issues to bring you a clear picture and an untarnished awareness to new ideas.


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