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Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of California (BBBS AC) is launching its first-ever, state-wide initiative centered on the recruitment of male volunteers to become Big Brothers. 


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J. Michael Jocelyn is a father, teacher, minister, and life coach making a difference in the lives of others. Read more→

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We need to address the biggest challenges facing the pro-life movement -- and the solutions that can help bring an end to abortion in your community.

  • Speaking Boldly About China’s Thievery
  • Convincing Us That We’re Americans First
  • Revealing the Two Faces of Hate
  • Proving that Racism is an Economic Issue​​

outline the process of connecting the mind, body, and soul in alignment with God’s.

 IMPERFECT DIET ~ Daily Requirements

1. Strengthened your Mind:

        A. Pray three times daily;

        B. Meditate on the word,

2. Love Your Body:

        A. Drink five to seven glasses of water;

        B. Eat fruit and vegetable

3. Feeding Your Soul:

        A. Affirmed yourself;

        B. Compliment someone

 Reason - 11 Reasons to Thank President Trump is set to clarify one of the most controversial topics in today’s age. Despite the media’s constant stream of negativity, J. Michael Jocelyn has gone on a personal mission to discover the truth and bring it to light for the world to see.



SLAVERY - Analysis of Kanye West’s statement that “slavery was a choice,” and how this message is central to the progress of the African American community. Type your paragraph here.

KANYE WEST - For readers who are looking for no-nonsense clarity in an age of so many conflicting messages and thoughts, this book may be just the antidote needed to free the mind and learn the truth.

J. Michael Jocelyn goes on to explain: - An unadulterated and eye-opening discussion on the benefactors of the liberal message of hate. - How CNN’s Don Lemon, African American actor Samuel L. Jackson, and other celebrities’ benefit from viciously attacking Kanye West.

DIETING - J. Michael Jocelyn, a Ph.D. student of Psychology, documented Ms. Boatman’s exhilarating experience of transformation. In this book, the authors